Modern Warfare 2

I like to consider myself fairly geeky in the most endearing form of the word. I like science fiction, horror, and if a movie dosn’t have elves, guns or space I’m basicly not intrested. But I sincerely do not get this game! Matt plays it almost every day for a little while when he gets home from work to “decompress”. Beleive me that part I get. But it is the same thing over and over! And he gets so upset when he dies! Sometimes he is more keyed up than before he started playing!


One response to “Modern Warfare 2

  1. Oh My Gosh! I know exactly what you mean! My husband does the same thing! I don’t get how it is relaxing, but he does it a couple times a week. I get stressed out from the yelling at the screen. Thank you for sharing this one…I thought I was alone on it!

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