Have a decent day!

Wow. So I woke up with a case of the Mondays, even though today is Saturday. Matt told me that he and Liam would come to the grocery store with me if I would quit being grumpy. I did 🙂 We had our green tea and ww toast with coconut oil and honey then went-a-shoppin. I don’t know why, maybe there is something wrong with me but I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping. All the pretty produce, fun different items blah blah blah. I seriously dig it. Since Matt is military, we are fortunate enough to get to use the base commissary. This is awesome for several reasons, mainly how much we save, but we are also able to get very different items that we might other wise have to go to specialty shops for since base life tends to be a very large melting pot with people coming from all over.

We had plans to go to my current favorite restaurant ever Big Truck Taco with my dad after shopping. I freaking love this place if you are lucky enough to be near 23 street downtown okc you should serrriously check it out. They have an item on their menu called the 5th. In wich they plead the fifth amendment and will not tell you what you are receiving, untill the next day. We had fun trying to figure out if Matt’s taco was tongue or some other undefinable meat. As I only eat fish and chicken *sometimes* unfortunately I did not try. But Matt said it was good 🙂

Dad watched Liam and Matt and I went to see The Book of Eli. It was …. different? I am happy I saw it but probably could have waited until it came to video. Wouldn’t have lost much since there is virtually no soundtrack save for a token Al Green song, and the color scheme; as it is post-apocalyptic; is understandably drab. My favourite thing about the movie, strangely enough, was the directors use of shadow and light.

Planning on making one of our favorite shrimp dishes tonight … if it comes out well I may post my first food pics this evening ❤

Ps: O! the title of this post! So at the commissary, someone takes your groceries out for you, weather you want them too or not. Kind of no way around it unless you want to be the jerk that says you want them back in your basket, and then you still have to tip any way. Today the man that helped us out said, “The two of you have a decent day..” Matt said after the man left, “*uck him. Lets have a great one” 🙂


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