Still gettin used to this …

Matt is leaving for 6 months in May, and I feel like this will probably become a more frequent thing, but for now I write whenever I can. Lately I have been reading a lot of Heather’s blog and I just freaking adore her. I love her quirky sense of humor and how dedicated she is to listening to her body and trying to figure out exactly what is best for her. I have made many a thing I have seen on her blog, and even though I was a pretty good eater before, I think that she has been somewhat of an inspiration to be more adventurous when it comes to food ❤ Today I made a couple things I have seen her make, or were little takes on her meals.

First,  a little chocolate fix




and one packet of stevia equals deliciousness? yes… but also vegan almond joy from heaven!!

I had fun with dinner,  I made Gliding Calm’s tofu, AGAIN.

Cooked a spaghetti squash and roasted some brussell sprouts and pilled it on some shredded raw zucchini. Topped everything off with half a diced avocado and some tahini ……. Yum!!

Thanks again Heather for changing my life!! ❤

O Liam loved the tofu! Avocado is his all time favorite, but this may have  beaten it!


6 responses to “Still gettin used to this …

  1. Jessica

    Hey sugarpie!

    I think we match on so many levels. Food being a major source of matchery…:)

    My fave website is I think you will lo-o-ove her stuff. Enjoy!

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thank you for the shout out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks GORGEOUS!!

  3. avocado makes everything better too!! I love that meal!!! it has been too long since I have had spag squash!

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