Continued …

Yoga was awesome! I seriously LOVE how I feel afterwards! Twice a week is not enough. Once I am a bit more comfortable with the poses and I’m sure that I can do the poses properly *because walking like a pretzel for the rest of my life does not sound fun* I will probably do it a couple times a week at the house.

I made a flower out of the spices for the pizza sauce 😀

Mushroom twinkies!!! I feel like I just found a four leaf clover!!! Surely this is good luck or something right?

I used this yeast my mom had given to me that’s just for pizza. I just followed the directions on the package, but  subbed whole wheat flour and agave syrup for the ap flour and sugar. To be honest I was a little concerned because you don’t let it rise, you just mix it all up, knead a couple times and then stretch it out.  I almost made another batch but didn’t have time. I’m sure glad I left it alone though, this was the result!

I ate when I got back from the gym and this is mah plate. More tahini and seracha >.<  I may have a problem…

Now it is time for some tea, a bath and my book! Reading Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I think I am  in love with this man.  Good night! ❤


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