A little experiment

All that follows was written on the fifth, prior to my awesome cold, which prevented me from eating very much, and the idea of food was more than revolting. But since I had taken pictures, and it was very yummy, I’m still gonna share ❤


bowl of oats cooked with cinnamon, pecans and raisins, topped with almond butter.

For lunch I wanted to try something new, so I made some butternut squash fries 🙂

I only used about half of one small squash, the other half I diced up to steam for Liam, or (if they are good enough) make for Matt when he gets home. I have seen lots of people prepare a squash a bazillion different ways, mostly using a very sharp chef’s knife and slicing off the skin. I am not that awesome. I just use a boring old vegetable peeler. I guess it takes a bit longer but, I still have all of my fingers so…..

Anyway, thin slices and then the slices cut in to strips. I put the abused cookie sheet (I really need another) in the oven at 425 for a few minutes to warm it up. I read somewhere that this keeps the fries from getting mushy. I tossed the strips in coconut oil and a tiny bit of evoo and then just a little sprinkle of salt.

I baked mine a bit longer than I should have, but I wanted to make sure they were crispy ❤ But they were way yummy! I will be  making these again for sure!


So, being sick fails epicly but I am super happy to be feeling better, And so is Matt * I think he was tired of left overs, I wouldn’t cook because the smell of food made me nauseous*  🙂 Dinner tonight is one of our favorites, recipe from the Smitten Kitchen, and assembled a la HEAB. It is the most simple spaghetti sauce you will ever find and it is my new go to favorite.  Try this I’m serious! You will love it!

One can plum tomatoes

4 tbsp of butter

1 onion peeled and halved

If the butter freaks you out,  just know that this makes a ton of sauce, more than enough for 4 servings, so it really isn’t all that bad 😉

Thats all folks. No chopping no spices. Trust me. Super super yummy 🙂

We like ours over spaghetti squash, Matt had spinach, I had spinach and steamed brussels sprouts ❤ I was so full after this! I have left overs that I’m looking forward too for lunch tomorrow 🙂

Yum! ❤


2 responses to “A little experiment

  1. So sorry you’re feeling bad. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Love that tomato sauce. It’s our favorite lately too.

    Oats look great – I can see the steam rising from them. 🙂

    P.S. I’m lazy and never peel my butternut squash when I make fries. I just eat the skin, and it tastes fine, I promise!

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