Yeah so some mysterious gnome has come and stolen my camera cord. So even though we have had some super fun and different things this past couple weeks I haven’t been able to put any pictures up! And lets face it, beets with wilted greens and tabbouleh just doesn’t sound as awesome as it was. Pictures are necessary! So we just broke down and bought a card reader for the little  memory stick and now I have my pictures! Yeay!  Some things we have had whilst the gnome was holding my pictures hostage…

Black bean burger and roasted broccoli topped with nutritional yeast.

Spinach stuffed portabella mushroom, topped with Parmesan and mozzarella, served with black bean quinoa and roasted asparagus. ( This is one of my new super favourites!)

I made this salad on St Patrick’s day. Matt went out with his friend and so I didn’t have to compromise hehe. Since I live no where even remotely near a California Pizza Kitchen, I made an attempt at recreating their Grilled Vegetable salad. My grill just happed to be out of propane on the day I wanted to use it, so these bad boys are roasted lol. Either way, it hit the spot 🙂

Not everything I make is healthy, and when I’m bad I’m super bad. Case in point, the past two Saturdays we have had these fellows for breakfast.

Made them on Thursday with my mom along with a bunch of other stuff and then let them rise on Saturday morning.  So so super yummy. I am so happy she talked me into making the whole batch! We had friends over both mornings and it is so nice to have something fun like this to share 🙂 This is the recipe I used. Try them!

I promise you won’t regret it! (Evil giggle)

I rescued some of my daffodils from our first day of spring snow storm…. Stupid psycho Oklahoma weather….

K so this is my most favourite dinner I have made in a long time. Roasted beats with sautéed beet greens and spinach and tabbouleh.  See? Doesn’t sound so awesome but OMG!  I cant wait to go to Canada and have beats right out of my Poppa Daddy’s garden 🙂 I had never cooked the tops but I’m so happy I did. The seriously have such a nice flavor and texture. I just browned a little garlic in olive oil and then wilted the greens down a bit. Then right before they were done I hit them with a little salt and some balsamic vinegar. So Yummy!  I ate a big bowl of just the greens for lunch the other day. Try them! No evil giggle here! 🙂

Hopefully now that I have  way to put my pictures up again my posts will begin to have some sort of regularity or structure… but seriously no promises 🙂


2 responses to “Blarg…

  1. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! As does the grilled vegetable salad! I want to come over and have dinner at your place!

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