More chocolate? Yes please!

Today has been HOT. I’m not kidding. The normal for this time of year is some where around 67 degrees. It was 88 today. Now in July, I would welcome that kind of weather, but with little warning, and considering there was snow on the ground 2 weeks ago, it is a little bit of a shock. The very last thing I feel like doing when it is hot is standing over a stove cooking all day. Which is exactly why I didn’t lol.  Except for dinner which is silly easy, I didn’t use the stove or oven, which is super rare here :-).

Earlier today while trolling other people’s blogs I came across something that I just couldn’t resist. Vegan Raw chocolate truffles. This girl is like my personal hero now because I will never be with out these little beauties ever again lol. Here is the link to Chocolate Covered Katie’s Fudge babies.

Sorry for the blurry photo, they are a tiny bit messy hehe but sooo delicious!  Here is how I made mine.

1/2 c almonds

1 c dates

1/4 c coco powder

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 frozen bananna

Processed the nuts and dates until sticky, added the rest of the ingredients and then turned it out on to tin foil to shape in to balls.

I know, they don’t look so awesome, but seriously? Imagine chocolate heaven. And the best part? You can seriously eat as many of these  you want!  They are just as satisfying for as a good ole snickers bar would be, but with out the guilt 🙂

Matt came home early so we had  late lunch early dinner snack. Avocado tacos.

Yes it is basically just guacamole but not all mushed up.  I just dice every thing and then make a cilanto olive oil in the food possessor and toss it all together. Yum!

Tea is my new obsession and I am already running out of counter space for all the different kinds. We went to Teavana last week, and got two teas.  Now, don’t get me wrong they are delicious and beautiful, but seriously overpriced.

This is my chamomile (the guy at the store miss labeled our canister, it is actually Tranquil dream)

Just look at all that love! This stuff seriously knocks me out. I have it almost every night before bed! But our morning tea is Davidson’s green tea with lemon and ginseng that I get from amazon for a fraction of the cost of this stuff and they have a very similar Chamomile tea that I am dying to try.

Any way have a great night! New south park! yeay!


3 responses to “More chocolate? Yes please!

  1. You’re so sweet! 🙂
    Happy Wednesday, girl!

  2. Crazy – I literally made the same thing for dinner for the fiance and I last night… I’ve been remiss in updating my blog, but pics will be up tonight of my version of guac-tacos!

  3. How funny! Can’t wait to see them! Your food always looks sooo yummy 🙂

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