I just wanted to show every one why I love food and cooking as much as I do. My mom was the kind of mom that had cookies for us when we got home from school. Not out of a box, like she made us cookies almost every day. Dinner has always been a sit down, don’t talk with your mouth full, no we don’t eat in the living room, milk or water type thing, and for that I am exceedingly great full 🙂 I really do think there is something to sharing a meal with your family around a table that becomes lost when all are shoveling food mindlessly in to their faces while watching Tru tv.  Even though Liam is only (only?) 8 months old, I still want to practice us eating together as a family. Any way, back to my mom. Friday my littlest brother came home for a few days from his army base, and my mom made a fantastic Easter brunch 🙂

She has always made bread and I am lucky enough that she took the time to teach me a lot about baking. These are wheat rolls (my favourite!)

Matt’s favourite …

I forgot to take a picture of this with the supper yummy poppy seed dressing and red onions. I looooove this salad 🙂 I actually forgot to take lots of pictures because once it gets close to time to eat I have other priorities, like stuffing my face.

I was trying to steal the camera from my dad, and Gregory was swinging Liam 🙂

More ninja skilz. My dad is weird about not letting any one take pictures of him….

Dad, always behind the camera!

Grandpa Mike 🙂 Liam likes beards hehe 🙂

Hope every one had a fantastic weekend! ❤


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