Two super reasons to love tahini

Tahini (ground sesame seeds) is an amazing versatile ingredient that can be incorporated in almost any thing that needs a smoother texture. It is most commonly used in hummus, but my two favorite ways to use it are in a cheese sauce, and frozen soft serve. Confused? Don’t be!

Dinner tonight was a repeat performer, Spaghetti squash with avocado and tofu. Tonight though I sprinkled a bit of nutritional yeast and a couple of teaspoons of tahini over it and mixed it up. Yum Yum!

For those who have not tried it, nutritional yeast tastes like a very mild cheddar, it is also quite salty and super good lol. I love it on my popcorn the best though. (hmm may have to make some tonight)

This next one is a little odd, but believe me, it is as good as it looks 🙂

Several blogs I frequent have a version of this and eventually I just couldn’t resist anymore and made it. Man am I grateful I did! I have made this several times now and it is by far Liam’s (and mommy’s) new favorite sweet treat.

This makes quite a bit…there is more than enough for two smallish servings or one huge one lol. Liam and I share 🙂 He is so cute, I was eating this on the sofa and he kept tapping my leg for another bite >.< That kid, he kills me 🙂

Frozen banana soft serve

2 frozen bananas

1tbsp tahini

1 tsp vanilla

Dump in food processor, turn on, watch magic happen.

Chocolate sauce

*I make the sauce and crumble before the banana stuff because it takes a second and I don’t want the yummy bananas to melt*

2 tsp coco powder

2 tsp (about) soy or almond milk

mix together until smooth.

I like bitter but if that is not your thing add a tablespoon of honey or agave.

Gram cracker *kinda* crumble

2 tbsp wheat germ

1 tbsp tahini

mush together

again, I think this is plenty sweet but if you want to add a bit of agave it surely couldn’t hurt 🙂

I know I always say that something is my favorite, or that you should make it, but honestly you need your head examined if you don’t try this. It is seriously freaking delicious lol!


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