all’s well that ends well

Some days just don’t start out too great. Liam and mommy were both quite sleepy and pouty today. After I ate the left overs from dinner for lunch we went swimming for an hour or so, while Matt was helping a friend move. When Liam and I came back for a snack he was seriously following me around the kitchen like this.



So I decided that I needed one of these 😀


I made Liam peanut butter quinoa, which wound up being way more tasty than I had expected, I will probably be eating that for breakfast tomorrow 🙂 This was my snack featuring two of my all time favorite foods, avocados, and cold beets.


This is one giant wasa cracker, topped with half an avocado, a drizzle of olive oil, splash of hot sauce, salt & pepper.  I used up the rest of a vinaigrette I had made on the beets. Tasty! Since Liam took a total of 1 hour (about) worth of naps today, and basically whined the rest of the time lol, I was super ready to get out of the house. I had seen the sign for a resturant called The Mellow Mushroom, and came across it again while looking up vegetarian resturants in the city. Since Sundays are my cheat day, I felt that pizza was in order 😀



Everything at this restaurant was crazy fresh, and very tasty. The bruscetta has a fantastic balsamic reduction that I could have eaten with a spoon. I orderd the Mega veggie, which has an entire produce isle on it! It even had tofu! This was the first pizza I have ever seen that had tofu on it.


This was the single best pizza I have ever had. The crust is phenominal, and the toppings are deeper than it seems. Liam Matt and I each ate a piece and there is one more for me to have for lunch tomorrow ! ./dance around 😀


more beer!

Kyle got the cesar pizza, he did not seem to be too impressed but Matt said it was good. ( I didn’t try because there is chicken somewhere underneath the romaine 🙂 )

Matt got the Italian Hoagie, and said it was really good too.

Liam had his very first taste of diet soda today too >.<  ( I was running out of things to distract him with before the pizza got there) It was only like a teaspoon, but surprise surprise! he liked it lol…


That was pretty much it for today, I am wiped out and ummm… did any one else see true blood? If they do what the seem like they are going to do, I will have no more reason to watch that show! ❤ Night!


2 responses to “all’s well that ends well

  1. Oh how I remember the days filled with whining and the need for alcohol. If it’s any consolation they grow out of the stage really quickly!

    You son is adorable.

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