I have always had a  weight problem. Food was not my enemy or my friend it was simply not something I thought much about.  In high school I had basically decided that I was just a bigger girl and all of my super petite friends were freaks of nature 😉

After graduating I lost a little weight but was always more on the “thick” side, but I was fairly happy with how I looked. A few years later several things happened right around the same time, I tore my ACL, got married and started playing World of Warcraft. My husband and I both  lost ourselves in this game and our relativity slow paced lifestyle came to a screeching halt.  I almost completely quit cooking anything worth eating and within 2 years gained a ridiculous amount of weight.

I was fat. I was tired and I hurt every where. Worst of all I was VERY unhappy.  I spent alot of time pinning all of my

problems on everyone else while I continued to eat and drink whatever I wanted.  After I saw these pictures from our family vacation that summer, I couldn’t blame any one else any more. I was 24 and obese and I was the only one to blame.  I seriously was disgusted by my self and I was a little drastic about changing my life. But sometimes that is all that works, a cold splash of water and a slap in the face to get your ass moving in the right direction 🙂 Over the next year I  began obsessing learning about food and calories and what your body needs and what it  doesn’t.  By my birthday the next year I was down to  the lowest weight of my life, 145.  My new passion was food food food! I loved learning about it how our amazing body uses it and how to make good food that people can feel good about eating 🙂

In November we found out that we would be expecting a little monkey in August of the next year. Needless to say I am exceedingly grateful that I had reigned in my eating prior to becoming pregnant or who knows what would have happened lol. But I had a relatively uneventful and healthy pregnancy with few complications. I did gain some weight but I also gained my most favorite little man ever! The total light of my life Liam.

Now my  days are filled with walks, playing on the floor, obsessing about cloth diapers, cooking for my little family, knitting or crocheting, star wars, the lord of the rings and basically all things obscenely geeky 8o). I  love that even though I still have about 20 lbs I want to lose, I am not worried about it any more. I know that one day I will be there again!  


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