How I lost 75 lbs without dieting.

First, I hate the word diet.  They don’t work and they imply that there is an end to them.  People have asked me a billion times since I have lost weight how I did it. Every one wants me to say, ” Oh! there was this little pill that I bought for practically nothing,  and I took it and now I eat everything I want and never gain weight!” . The are inevitably disappointed when I tell them what I am  about to tell you now. There is no magic pill.   This is exactly what I did.

  • First and foremost- I  DETOXIFIED MY  KITCHEN. I tossed out all the hot pocket-meal in a bag- salty-cookie-cracker things that were  in the  house. Most of these things are so unbelievably bad, regardless of how cheap or easy they are to  prepare, that even the act of doing that alone made me feel cleaned out lol.
  • Next- Shopping!! I went to the grocery store for what seemed like the first time in my life. I bought only produce,  chicken and fish, and since that was all I had in the house, how  could I go wrong? 🙂
  • I joined a calorie count website and began keeping track of everything I ate. This website also has lots of great tools to help you figure out your calorie target based on your height, weight and activity level. Since I was virtually sedentary, my calorie goal was very low, 1300 a day.
  • I ate 6 or 7 times a day, I never went hungry and actually began to enjoy what I was eating.
  • Once I had gotten down to about 170 lbs I started walk/running at night after work. It took a while, but eventually I got to where I was running around 2 miles a day, or every other day.

Eventually *much quicker than I had anticipated truth be told* instead of missing my old cravings, I was actually grosed out by them. I became one of the biggest proponents of “bites of things” want some chocolate cake? Have a bite. Just one. You will be surprised at how you really only need one bite to enjoy things like that. 🙂

No longer am I a pescatarian! I have finally chosen to do what I have always felt was right. Being a Vegetarian is just something that fits in my life and makes me feel good about the choices I make and the food I feed my family ❤ I have done this before, but that was a long time ago when I considered twinkies an okay choice for food because they are “vegetarian”. ugh. I now eat a much more balanced diet than I ever have but am not taking any chances and have started to take a B vitamin supplement. ( also I consider popcorn an excuse to eat nutritional yeast 🙂 )

I don’t want to prevent Liam from eating meat, (except for hamburger until he is 5) but I do want him exposed to the wide variety of food options that are available, tasty, easy to prepare and just happen to not require anything to die. 😀 Meat will still be a feature at some meals in our home, Matt has always loved a good steak and I do not mind fixing it for him 😀 It is jut no longer a part of my diet.

I have moved even further away from highly processed over advertised foods, and try to stick to whole foods whenever possible.   Having  had my son 13 months ago, I have finally lost all of my baby weight and am focusing on getting more tone and definition, in my arms especially :-). Also I have supplemented running with yoga, although  I am a true novice! Any advice about a beginner routine would be most welcome ❤


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  1. This is a great post! I think that we have a lot in common 🙂

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