So um…what’s for dinner?

I really have to hand it to my hubs. Not only is he my best friend, an amazing daddy, and a super handy man, but he is also exceedingly patient with my cooking. I have always liked to cook, but it defiantly took a lot of trial and error before I really started to figure it out. With as much experementing as I have been doing lately, it  just goes to show how awesome he is.

Matt-what are we having for dinner tomorrow?

Me- well I have some cabbage left over so I was thinking about German style red cabbage with sautéed tempeh for dinner, and for lunch I guess we could have that tofu salad that you like.

Matt- Hmm sounds good.

Me – Really?

See? I love that he is so willing to try so many new things. Sometimes even after I make something new (particularly the tofu salad) I am a little apprehensive about trying it. But without fail, he is there to give me an honest appraisal of it 🙂 And the best part? When he doesn’t like something, or thinks it would be better with a little of this or with out that, he tells me.

That is my gratitude rant for the day. Now to the eats 🙂 Breakfast the last few days have been very different but super yummy. Now I must warn you my camera was dying when I took this so it’s sort of a crummy picture. Also, it looks gross, but I promise you it’s yummy!

Green Oats!

1/2 cup oat bran

1 cup (about) soy or almond milk

2 tsp ground flax

cook until kind of thick allow to cool a bit.

grab your immersion blender, or regular blender.

if using an immersion blender, add a few handfuls of spinach to the pot and stir stir stir until it is all worked in together.

if using a regular blender spin up the spinach first until it is liquid, then add your oats and mix.  I used agave to sweeten mine.

I have only used my immersion blender because my regular one died and we have yet to replace it. I have a feeling though that the regular blender would work better. I came across  a stray spinach leaf or two lol.

This was the first time I made it. I preferred it a bit thicker but either way it is yummy.

Inevitably, with as much experimenting as I do, I am bound to have some tragedies. Last night was one of the most epic fails ever, and it wasn’t even (completely) my fault! Remember that red cabage tempeh I was talking about? yeah…

I have been so excited to try tempeh, having heard so many great things about it I was sure it was going to be fantastic. The other day I picked some up and couldn’t wait to try. (honestly I think the anticipation just made my disappointed even greater 😦 )

The cabbage was good, not great and the tempeh!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……. for serious :(. I am a huge texture person and this stuff is where I draw the line. I made it just like I make my tofu, so the flavor was fine its just the chewiness that is just wrong. If you like it please tell me another way to make it because unless some one twists my arm I have sworn off the stuff for good. We wound up just eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lol.

Some experiments result in disasters of another kind, meaning my waist line lol. As if I need another reason to love toast I give you the best toast ever. And do not say ew. It must be tried to be appreciated.

This is whole wheat toast with peanut butter and tomato. I saw someone posting about this on a recipe website, figured well I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and I went and made it. Matt just sat there horrified but I’m telling you this is fantastic. Granted I come from a family where on occasion my brothers and my dad and myself would indulge in peanut butter and onion sandwiches.

Last but not least, gravy. Everyone loves it, but being vegetarian sausage gravy is not really feasible. Since that is what Matt wanted for breakfast I made him a skillet of regular gravy, and myself a mushroom one. Awesome accident!

Mushroom Gravy

6 mushrooms diced

2 -3 T flour

2 tsp butter

1 tsp crisco

milk ( I didn’t measure)

vegetable stock (also no measurements but equal parts with the milk)

salt and pepper to taste

Over med heat put one tsp butter in skillet, brown mushrooms, remove. Add remaining fats, allow to melt. Whisk in flour until a roux forms. While constantly whisking add in milk and stock. When desired consistency is reached add mushrooms back in, season to taste.

I sprinkled mine with red pepper flakes….

Okay I’m done 🙂 we have a really big day planned and I have lots of cooking to do! A great friend is coming over for dinner this evening (so excited!)

Obligatory Liam (and Matt) cuteness


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